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About Us

Patrick Morrissey | CEO

A 30 year veteran of customer acquisition and related forefront technologies. Patrick previously held the position of chief executive officer for 8 years at Menu1, a leading national restaurant customer traffic and technology consulting company, successfully helping thousands of restaurants achieve top website search presence in the highly competitive online ordering space. Patrick also served as a top consultant for a leading International Business Consulting Firm, helping hundreds of all types of small and medium sized businesses turn around their businesses by restructuring and optimizing their departments of sales and management, training, marketing, website development and IT management, production, distribution, accounting, and controls. Patrick brings a diverse portfolio of consulting expertise in Internet & Digital Marketing, Website Development, Professional Services, Restaurant, Automotive Sales, Real Estate & Leasing, Roofing & HVAC Services, Medical & Dental Services, Finance & Insurance Services, and Product Research & Development.

Todd McCally | Director of SEO

In the past 15 years, Todd has owned and managed two Internet-based businesses that each grew to many thousands of clients. Todd immersed himself in SEO 12 years ago after much research and implementation. To date, Todd has achieved 100% success in optimizing over 30,000 websites for thousands of clients nationwide. His proficiency in optimization led to his development of a proprietary search engine optimization software program for stand-alone client-based SEO/SEM businesses.

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